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Silica Amendments & Salinity (Salt Toxicity)

This laboratory investigation with barley was conducted to determine the mechanism of salt toxicity. For the determination of monosilicic, polysilicic acids and Na in apoplast and symplast of roots, stems and leaves, we used a specifically elaborated methodology.

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ComCat – Field Trial

What is ComCat O
An upgraded organic version of ComCat but at no additional costs to farmers. It’s a wild flower extract, Lychnis Viscaria, that have been researched and used by growers for many decades.

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AnnGro is a penetrant for use with liquid or water-soluble powdered fertilizers/nutrients.

ComCat contains nutrients for soil and foliar applications. ComCat may enhance seed germination and root growth.

Microbial amendment for plant growth and better yield (CDFA OIM Approved and OMRI).